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Saving Shakespeare - Escape Room Game

Saving Shakespeare - Escape Room Game

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In this immersive, time-travel-themed escape room game, you and your team play as members of the Time Traveller's Guild, journeying throughout history to correct the timeline after time criminals have changed time to benefit themselves!

You and your fellow guild members must travel back to historical eras and events as you're given your three mission briefs to fix the timeline.

Mission One begins in the Louvre, in Paris, where a time criminal has stolen and replaced the Mona Lisa with their ghastly portrait!

You must travel back to 1500s Florence to find Leonardo Da Vinci and stop his work from being stolen.


Ages 12+, 1+ players, and an average 60 minute gameplay.

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Author: Ridley's Games
Publisher: Chronicle
Publication Date: 03 Aug 2023
ISBN: 0810073342392

Made with FSC cards, recycled insert, and recycled packaging.